Read firsthand about how ROAD iD makes a real difference in real peoples’ lives. 

The Nurse Was Shocked by All the Info

Two weeks ago, I found myself in the Emergency Room with a raging infection in my elbow. One of the attendants immediately asked me for the medications I was currently taking.

Everyone with a Condition Needs ROAD iD

I'm a cyclist who suffers from severe migraines, which is why I initially purchased a ROAD iD. Sometimes, when I get a full blown migraine, it can look really bad.

The Next Thing I Know, I'm in an Ambulance

I was recently on a 40 mile ride in Phoenix when I stopped to get a drink. The next thing I know, I'm in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

My ID Had All the Info They Needed

At 44 years old, and in the best shape of my life, I never saw the seizure coming. It was any other ordinary morning at work, with my bicycle down the hall, prepped for the daily lunch ride with th...

My Wife Beat the Ambulance to the ER

On Labor Day weekend in 2011, I was out riding with a small group of people, most of which I only know from being part of the same triathlon club. Not long into the ride, for unknown reasons, I got...

She Found Me Lying Unconscious

I have worn a Stretch ID day in and day out for years—so long, that I took it for granted. Accidents do a good job of making you appreciate the things you forget about. I recently went for a solo t...

My Wife Knew Exactly Where I Was

This past Memorial Day, I went on what was scheduled to be a 20-30 mile ride. About a mile in, I had a crash. From what I remember, I was riding, and the next thing I know...

Paramedics Accessed My ROAD iD

This past year, I was participating in the Marin Century with my son and grandson. About halfway through the ride, I was cut off by another cyclist and went down hard.

Like Having A Friend Alongside Me!

When I was 22 years of age, I broke my neck and was paralyzed from the neck down. That was 42 years ago.

The Collision Sent Me Over the Bars!

I recently had a head-on accident with another cyclist. It was dark, he had no lights, and he was riding against traffic.

A Seizure Struck While Riding Home

I commute by bike year round, and a while back, I had a seizure while on the way home from work. A passerby called an ambulance and they were able to contact my wife by searching contacts in my cel...

My ID Made Everyone's Job Easier

I have been a triathlete & marathon runner for over 3 years, and I always wear my ROAD iD. While out for a ride recently, I accidentally rode over a big patch of black ice. I went down very har...

My Husband Was at the Scene in Minutes

A short time ago, I went out for a mid-morning run near my office building. As I was crossing a street, I was struck by a car. I didn't know it yet, but I had suffered fractures to my left tibia an...

Get This Man to the Emergency Room!

My story illustrates why we should wear ID at ALL times. You see, I was recently on a business trip to Salt Lake City, when I was struck by a severe case of pneumonia. I went to a nearby clinic bec...
My ROAD iD Spoke for Me Again and Again

My ROAD iD Spoke for Me Again and Again

Earlier this week I was out training for an Ironman Triathlon, when a car pulled out right in front of me. I flew head first into the road. Fortunately, a nurse witnessed the accident and called 91...

My ID Facilitated Life-Saving Treatment

I have a pre-existing congenital heart condition, and a few months ago, during equestrian training, I suddenly experienced severe...

Exactly the Info I Look for as a Firefighter

You have no idea how excited I was when I found out about your product. One of my fellow Firefighter friends told me about