A Seizure Struck While Riding Home

I commute by bike year round, and a while back, I had a seizure while on the way home from work. A passerby called an ambulance and they were able to contact my wife by searching contacts in my cell phone. This was the second seizure that I have had in years. After having this second one I started looking for options for keeping important contact information readily available in case something else should happen.

I thought right away of the Road iD bracelet and what it could provide "just in case" it happened, again....but never got around to it. I even went to your website, and when I did, I saw the new Road iD App. I decided to download it right away and started using it.

A couple months later, on the way home from work I had another seizure and again a passerby called an ambulance. This time the stationary alert from the Road iD App notified my wife that something was wrong. She called my phone and got no answer, then called my son who was at home and told him there was something wrong. They both headed to where the map showed I was. Just shortly after the ambulance arrived my wife and son arrived from different directions. The paramedics could not understand how they knew to look for me, never mind exactly where to go when looking. We told them it was the Road iD App, and that if I had been in a spot where there weren't so many people, I would still have been located and safe.

I can't say enough about how much I appreciate having the Road iD App with me at all times, I tell everyone about it. My wife really appreciates being able to follow along online with where I am and making sure that I am still on the move as expected. And I finally got around to ordering that ID bracelet as well. I have had more appointments with doctors and been diagnosed with Epilepsy. They have adjusted medications and I'm trusting that things will be under control again.

Because of Road iD I can continue to commute by bike or go for a walk by myself and still feel secure while I'm out.