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Need help? Lucky for you, helping is our favorite. Got a problem with your order? We’ll fix it. Did your mail decide to take the scenic route to your house? Let us know. We’re always here for you, even if you just want to update us on what’s going on in your neck of the woods.


We’re always ready to help you in any way we can! We're eager to assist at the hours below (fair warning: the drink cart comes around at 10AM on Fridays):

Mon-Thurs: 9am-5pm ET
Friday: 9am-12pm ET


Go ahead, shoot us an email. Make Ray Tomlinson proud. 

Customer Service:
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Press '1' to...nah, we're just kidding. Our phone lines actually connect to a human. We’ve chopped down the phone tree so you can get to us ASAP without menus or extended wait times. 

Call Toll Free: 1-800-345-6336
Local: 859-341-1102
International: Your Country Prefix + 1 + 859-341-1102


Follow us on social media, it’s what the kids are doing. 


If you need access to an Emergency Online Profile, call 1-800-345-6335 or click the link below. 


Did you make a mistake? Did we make a mistake? Either way, let us know. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it. Shoot us an email at It's easier than you think. Expect quick action and possibly a dad joke.


Our family is always growing. Visit our Careers Page to see if there's a seat for you at the dinner table.


In case you need to physically mail us something. You know, like delicious candies and exotic smoked meats:

814 Washington Street
Covington, KY 41011


When all else fails, we're pretty sure this works if you have the right kind of string. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Real small team. Real big heart.

Hi! I'm Dariena,

I'm the customer service manager at ROAD iD. Here we take pride in leveraging our fantastic group of Customer Experience Agents to save the day when things go wrong. Don't believe me? Just give us a ring.

MEet Eddie the Yeti

You may have seen this big lug around our site. His name is Eddie, and he’s so rare that if you had an encounter with him you would run home and tell your friends and family. That’s exactly the reaction we’re aiming for. We want your customer service experience to be different from any other, and so awesome that you want to tell the world about it. What better way to represent that than lovable ol’ Eddie?

You can learn more about Eddie’s lore in his own digital book here.



Of course! We even offer a "real" guarantee - you know, like companies used to offer. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, you can return it for a full refund or exchange. Additionally, our stainless steel ID carries a lifetime guarantee. That's right, if you are tough enough to wear out our stainless steel, laser engraved ROAD iD, we will replace it at no charge. We challenge you to destroy them (through natural wear - gunshots and hand grenades don't count).

NOTE: Our lifetime guarantee applies to the stainless steel ID plate only. The bands and straps that they are attached to are not covered for life. We do, however, offer low-cost replacement bands and straps for all of our IDs.


The delivery date depends on your shipping location and the ship method selected during checkout. See our options below:

Shipping Method
Standard - Only $6.99 - 2-4 days (estimate)
Priority - *approximately $7 - 1-3 days (estimate)
Next Day *approximately $30 - 1 day (guaranteed, excludes Saturday & Sunday)

Shipping Method
Standard - Only $9.99 - 5-10 days (estimate)

Taxes and duties are included in the shipping price for orders shipping to Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico and United Kingdom. All other countries may be subject to import duties and taxes.

Your discount code/gift card can be entered during checkout. Once you begin checkout, enter your code in the “gift card or discount code” text box.

Note: only one discount code can be applied per order. 

Did you make a mistake? Did we make a mistake? If so, no worries. Making things right is easier than you think.

Before you dig out the packing tape and trudge over to the post office, fire off an email to:

Include your order number (if you have it) and a brief description of the issue. One of our Customer Service unicorns will hook you up with a hassle-free solution. 

Prefer to call? Simply give us a holler at 800-345-6336, Mon-Thur 9-5 / Fri 9-4:30 ET. You’ll be greeted by a friendly, helpful human being. Not some silly robot.

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