Staff Favorites

We know we shouldn't, but just like your parents...we have have our favorites.


Creative Team, Enjoys Running, Trail hiking, and non-Theoretical cycling.

Favorite ID: Nylon Loop ID in Graphite with Medical Badge

"I don't like the weight of things on my wrist and therefore don't wear a lot of things on my wrist unless it serves a purpose. What better purpose than the peace of mind that ROAD iD gives me when I am on a run or hiking on a trail. I specifically wear the 13mm Sport Nylon Loop because it is so light weight I don't even know it's there. Being Nylon it is also more breathable and easy to wash after those sweat drenching of running."

"I don't actually have any medical issues. I just have [the medical badge] on there as a secondary visual notification that this info is emergency related."


Acquisition & Retention, Amateur Road Cyclist and Bowler, Master Lego Builder.

Favorite ID: Sport Pin-tuck ID in Slate with Boston Strong Badge

"I love how adjustable it is. It's easy to find the perfect fit for my wrist and easy to swap my faceplate onto different colored bands (I have amassed quite the collection)"

"My family is from Boston, and I spent a lot of time there growing up. The tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 was something that hit home for me having such a deep connection to the city. Wearing the Boston Strong Badge on my ID is a way for me to honor the victims of this senseless act."


Fulfillment, Great at mountain biking, hiking, and absolutely no running!

Favorite ID: Apple ID in Graphite

"It's subtle but provides me peace of mind when i'm out ripping some single track. (Mountain Biking)"


Customer Service, Enjoys kayaking in the summer and traveling, cooking, and playing video games year round.

Favorite ID: Elite ID in Rosegold with Paw Print Badge

"I love the look and feel. It's versatile! I can wear it dressed up without feeling like it is clashing with my outfit or just lounging around!"

"I did not include a fun motto on my ID, for me personally I felt the engraving was best utilized for as many emergency contacts as i could fit on there. However, I did add a fun paw print badge next to my faceplate to represent my furbabies!"


Fulfillment, Proud grandma of two and curator of great summer adventures.

Favorite ID: Stretch ID in Slate

"I love all the choices to change it up! All easy to put on and take off. My grandkids both love collecting all the different stretch bands."


Information Technology Team, Biking and Hiking enthusiast. Recently completed his first 100 mile bike ride.

Favorite ID: Sidekick ID

"This is my favorite ID because it fits neatly on my Garmin Forerunner watch band. This way I don't have anything extra on my wrists (so no fun extra tan lines) and I can leave it on 24/7 so I don't forget it when I go out for a bike ride."

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