Everyone with a Condition Needs ROAD iD

by Linda B. April 24, 2018

I'm a cyclist who suffers from severe migraines, which is why I initially purchased a ROAD iD. Sometimes, when I get a full blown migraine, it can look really bad—I lose the power of speech, can't feel my face, can't see properly, can't think straight, and don't know my own name.

One day recently, a bad migraine set in and I barely made it to my local pharmacy. Long story short, the individuals at the pharmacy ended up calling a local emergency doctor to confirm my details over the phone—my name, age, medications—none of which I could relay. In the end, I simply held out my arm and they retrieved all my information from my ROAD iD. The doctor got my details and knew how to treat me when I came around an hour later.

Everyone with a medical condition should wear a ROAD iD. I recommend ROAD iD to all my students, my training clients, and anyone I deal with who is training or has medical issues. The bottom line is, you never know when you will need it. Thanks, again!