My Husband Was at the Scene in Minutes

A short time ago, I went out for a mid-morning run near my office building. As I was crossing a street, I was struck by a car.

I didn't know it yet, but I had suffered fractures to my left tibia and around my hip joint, a sprained ankle, many bumps and bruises, and a piece of my scalp was torn off.

A few people immediately came to my aid, asking me if I had a cell phone or if they could contact someone as they were calling 911. They saw that there was a tag on my shoe (my Shoe ID!), and used it to phone my husband, who worked nearby. They called him and he sprinted to the accident site. He was there in minutes and was able to comfort me, speak for me, and ride in the ambulance to the ER with me.

I am back to running now and almost back up to my usual mileage and pace. I hoped I would never need my Road ID, but I am so grateful that I had it.