by ROAD iD Staff April 16, 2021

It’s not easy living with a chronic medical condition. But there are some simple ways to alleviate stress surrounding your condition. If you don’t already wear an engravable medical alert bracelet, you should consider getting one for the reasons listed below. 

What is a medical ID bracelet? 

medical alert bracelet is a simple piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. Our bracelets feature a metal plate which is engraved with identifying medical information. 

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What should be engraved on your medical alert bracelet? 

Whether you want a traditional alert bracelet or an engraved Apple Watch band, you should make sure you have all of your medical essentials listed. Information that should be engraved on your bracelet includes: 

  • Your name
  • Emergency contact’s name and phone number
  • Your medical conditions — diseases, chronic illnesses, allergies  
  • Medications you’re on
  • Medications and treatments you’re allergic to 

What medical conditions warrant a medical alert bracelet? 

People living with the following medical conditions should consider getting themselves an engraved medical alert bracelet: 

  • Diabetes
  • Seizure disorders
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Food, drug and chemical allergies
  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Cancer

Why wear a medical alert bracelet? 

There’s a number of reasons you should wear a medical alert bracelet. If you live with a chronic illness or disease, you’ll want to have a wearable medical ID of your own. Here’s why. 

1. Notify others of potential emergencies

One of the biggest risks when having a medical emergency is that strangers will not know what caused your current condition. However, a medical alert necklace or bracelet can accurately and quickly inform others of your medical condition. By presenting them with pertinent information, you can receive near immediate help, as needed.

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2. Prevent the misdiagnosis of symptoms

Some illnesses can be misdiagnosed in the moment. If emergency services (EMS) are called, you shouldn’t put them through the guessing game — especially if you cannot communicate with them. A medical alert bracelet will provide them with direct information related to your illnesses and conditions, allowing them to act according to your medical health. 

3. Speed up the administration of medical assistance

Have a lung problem and showing signs of trouble breathing? Pass out and aren’t responding to strangers? If they look at your medical alert bracelet and see that you have cancer, heart disease or COPD, they can act immediately by calling for EMS to administer you with treatment as needed. 

4. Avoid medications and treatments you’re allergic to

Some strangers and EMS mean well. For strangers, they might give you a medication that they think will help. With EMS, they’ll rely on giving you a medication theyknow will help. But they won’t know if you’re allergic to the treatment unless they’re made aware of it. A medical alert bracelet does just that. 

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5. Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations

A minor seizure doesn’t have to require a hospitalization. But if you have one in a public place, strangers might still call you an ambulance out of concern. 

The same goes for cases of diabetes, where a person might become incomprehensible if their blood sugar is too low. A load of simple carbs or a shot of nearby insulin could bring a diabetic person back to stasis without requiring EMS to be called. 

6. Destigmitize mental illness

A struggle of living with mental illness is that people still hold stigmas about your condition(s). In particular, people aren’t able to accurately identify the symptoms of common mental illnesses, and will treat people improperly out of response. 

Wearing a medical alert bracelet can make it easy for you to quickly inform strangers of your condition, helping to alleviate potentially worrisome situations. This can be especially helpful with the police, who sometimes act aggressively towards people going through a heightened episode of their mental illness. 

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Staying safe with medical ID jewelry

If you live with a chronic medical condition, you shouldn’t allow it to get in the way of living your life. However, you shouldn’t put your life at risk in the process. 

Medical alert bracelets and medical alert necklaces keep you safe wherever you are, whatever your condition.