Medical ID for Kids: How to Find a Bracelet They’ll Love to Wear

Medical ID for Kids: How to Find a Bracelet They’ll Love to Wear

You have the diagnosis, and you’re ready to take positive action. Whether it’s a peanut allergy, diabetes or seizures, this new reality means you need to find a medical ID for kids. Something to help protect your child when you’re not around and provide you with extra peace of mind.

Except, you’re not so sure how thrilled your daughter is going to be about wearing an ID bracelet. And you’re hoping to avoid a fight about putting it on every morning before school. No reason to fret. It’s totally possible to find a bracelet she’ll love to wear.

Here are a few ninja-level parenting moves to help you make that happen.

Make Choosing a Bracelet Fun

You play a big role in framing the experience around children’s medical ID bracelets, so do everything you can to make it a fun experience. For starters, invite your child to pick out the style and color.

Believe it or not, there are pink medical ID bracelets—blue, lime, and red, too! Treat this purchase like picking out a new pair of sneakers or a backpack for the school year. It’s a chance for some cool self-expression.

Bracelets Aren’t the Only Option

A child medical ID bracelet isn’t for everyone. If your kid isn’t into bracelets, look into necklaces and other creative options.

A Shoe ID lets your son’s feet do the talking, and he doesn’t have to remember to put it on each day—it’s already on his favorite shoes! For tech-savvy teens, there’s an Apple Watch ID designed to fit right on the band to free up some wrist real estate.

Keep It Comfortable and Durable

This is an everyday wear, so comfort and quality are both must-haves. Your son isn’t going to wear a food allergy ID if it rubs his wrist wrong or it’s hard to take on and off.

Look for a durable material like silicone or leather. Then think about whether your child would prefer something that slides right over the hand or an option that’s more like a watch band with an adjustable fit. You may need to test drive a few options to find something kid-approved.

Invest in a Few Cool Medical ID Bracelets

Kids get bored. Luckily, there are tons of cute medical ID bracelets. So why stop at just one? Investing in a few different IDs allows your child to match an outfit or activity. And that makes him more likely to wear the ID every day.

Multiple IDs also give you a backup when your child inevitably loses a bracelet on a pint-sized adventure. With IDs available for around $25, it’s doable to pick up two or more and start building an ID collection over time.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Diabetes or a peanut allergy doesn’t define your child, and neither should an off-the-shelf bracelet. Look for ways to make a medical ID reflect the personality of its owner.

If there’s room on the engraving plate—after all the crucial emergency info—include a short saying or family motto. With a ROAD iD, you can add badges that let your daughter show the world what she’s all about. It might be a favorite sport like basketball or soccer. Or maybe a unicorn or butterfly is more your child’s speed. Pick a few badges to stack up or swap out.

If you do this whole thing right, your child’s friends might be asking their parents for a snazzy personalized bracelet. Heck, you might even get jealous and decide to invest in a ROAD iD for your adventures, too! After all, isn’t safety a family affair?


Michelle Taute is a writer and content marketing strategist. She’s written for USA Today, Better Homes and Gardens, Woman’s Day and many others.