Peace of Mind: How to Choose the Best Medical ID

Peace of Mind: How to Choose the Best Medical ID

Peace of Mind: How to Choose the Best Medical ID

Buying a medical ID can be a lifesaving move, but for most people just any old ID won’t do. After all, you’ll likely be wearing your new medical ID band a lot, so it pays to take a few minutes to think through exactly what you need. Here’s our quick checklist for finding the best medical ID for you or your loved one.  

Where and when will you wear it?

Whether you just want a medical ID for peace of mind while out on bike rides and hikes, or you have a serious medical condition, chances are you’ll be wearing a medical ID in a variety of situations. Do you need a sporty one for athletics and a dressier one for work? Or will one style suit all your needs? ROAD iD offers interchangeable medical ID bands so you can buy one ID face plate and switch up the style depending on your mood.

Is it comfortable?

Again, if you’re wearing a medical ID in a lot of situations, you want it to be comfortable and easy to get on and off. ROAD iD offers different wristband sizes, materials and clasp styles, from a soft, nylon band with Velcro fastener to a lightweight, latex-free silicone bracelet with a pin-tuck clasp. The goal is to make wearing your medical ID wristband second nature, like strapping on your seat belt.

Does it include enough information?

The best medical ID bracelets have room to list enough information to help EMTs or emergency personnel identify the wearer, contact loved ones, and perform treatment safely. If you feel like you’re having to leave pertinent info off, like allergies or a secondary contact person, it might not be the ID for you. For more complex medical conditions, having an option to store more information in an emergency online profile is a must.

Is it durable and readable?

No one wants a medical ID that breaks down or scratches easily. Look for faceplates made from surgical grade stainless steel, which means it will be strong and corrosion-resistant, even in saltwater. The quality of the engraving is important, too. We use laser engraving, which is crisp and clean. Other companies typically use embossed or rotary engraving procedures that produce inferior images.

If you’re looking for a bracelet style, make sure the band is durable, too. Both our nylon and latex-free silicone bands are strong and won’t break down in fresh, chlorine, or salt water. That means they’re ready for all your beach and pool adventures.

Is there a guarantee?

You can tell how strongly a company stands by their product by their guarantee. For a life-saving device like a medical ID, a good product will have a lifetime guarantee. All of our stainless steel, laser-engraved name plates come with one — if you actually wear it out, we will replace it for free. And replacement bands are reasonably priced, so if you do need a new one, you won’t have to replace the whole package.

Is it customizable?

Aside from the medical ID tag information, some IDs are one-style-fits-all. Our customers like options, so we offer three nameplate styles, lots of colors, and dozens of add-on badges that you can use to show off your hobbies, achievements, slogans and passions. We know you’ve got style, and we want to help you show it off.

What if I don’t like bracelets?

Not everyone likes to or is able to wear a bracelet all the time. And some people just forgot to grab their medical ID bracelet before heading out on a run. That’s why we offer a shoe ID that attaches to your laces, so it’s always there when you suit up to go. (It’s also a great option for kids who don’t like to wear wristbands.) And for the tech-savvy set, we have a medical ID that slides right onto the Apple Watch Sport band.

A medical ID bracelet is a daily wear, so it’s crucial to get all the details just right. Then you can worry less, and adventure more.