EMS knew where to take me because of the RoadID that I wear

by ROAD iD Staff May 13, 2021

In 2015 I had a seizure while I was driving. I was not injured and EMS knew where to take me(Duke) because of the RoadID that I wear 24/7. I later visited with the team that responded to my accident to thank them. Today, while at work one of the technicians, who has since suffered a stroke, stopped by. She proudly showed me her RoadID badge that was on the strap of her Apple Watch. I had my SportID on at the time, as I never take it off except to clean. I told her that I had the same badge on my Garmin, double covered when I run with my SportID on the other wrist. She told me that she had begun running and wore her RoadID because of me. I was happy and glad I Could help. I don't leave home without it, 24/7/365. It goes where I go.
Have a great day.

- Tom