We were able to get to the hospital to meet him

by ROAD iD Staff May 14, 2021

I have been wearing Road ID on all my bike rides and runs for many years, have gotten them as Christmas and Birthday presents for family and friends, and chat up people on bike rides, ensuring that they know the importance of having ID on their body-- not just their bikes, not just their phones.

My father was in a bike accident last year- while riding in the Tour De Pink in Florida, his front wheel was taken out when a goose startled and took off flying. He lost consciousness briefly (crunched his helmet), and as the other riders called for support. The emergency contact that they had for the ride was my mother. She was not by her phone, so they found the Road ID on his wrist, and proceeded to call my brother and me. Luckily, I was a ride marshall just behind him, and my brother was driving support. We were able to get to the hospital to meet him, and then make plans for his hospital transfer and subsequent fracture repair surgeries. While he's not back on a bike, he walks and exercises daily, and is off on a birding and hiking adventure this summer in Europe.

Also thank you for supporting the Tour De Pink. Last year- just as my older ankle strap was getting worn out, I won a new ID with my fundraising for YSC.
I truly appreciate your work keeping people safe.

- Sarah