I'll never ride without my Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

On a beautiful August day I went for a long mountain bike ride in the scenic hills of Kentucky.  I was riding on a fast downhill section when my front tire dropped into a rut...and I went flying over the handlebars.  I put my left arm out to break my fall, and in turn shattered both arm bones and dislocated my wrist.  I'm so thankful that I had my phone and my Road ID on me.  I called 911, and when the ambulance arrived I just handed them my Road ID. They used it to get important information needed to start treatment.  The EMTs passed it on to the hospital staff, and with minimal help from me, began the treatment that I needed.

Thankfully I didn't pass out during this event, but this was a great reminder of why I'll never ride without my Road ID.  It really can speak for you should the worst happen.

Update: Eight weeks later, I'm well on the way to recovery with a shiny titanium plate in my arm!  I'm back on my road bike and looking forward to hitting the trails next spring.  I've told everyone I know that rides or runs how important these are. PS- This photo was taken 5 weeks after surgery- look, no brace!

- Ginger .W from Lexington, KY