I Know ROAD iD Will Speak for Me When I Am Unable

Let me start off by stating that I think your product is awesome. In my line of work as a First Responder, Road iD is an excellent tool for the communities we serve day in and day out. As for me, I never leave home without my Wrist ID Sport, Elite, or FIXX ID. I know they will speak for me in an emergency when I am unable to.

I was recently competing in the 2014 Pasadena Sprint Triathlon, and I unfortunately crashed during the bicycling portion of the race. I was on a straight-away rolling at about 27mph, when another cyclist crossed my line of travel at nearly half my speed. I swerved to avoid the collision, but I could not recover control, and I went down. After getting up from the fall, I was a bit disorientated, but I could hear the Rescue Ambulance for the event responding from a distance. As they treated me and prepared for transport to the ER, one of the paramedics was able to find and utilize my Wrist ID Sport. To my surprise, my family was able to meet me at the ER.

My Road iD was able to speak for me when I could not. Fortunately, I received no serious injuries, just some road rash and a slight concussion. Thanks, again!