All I Could Do Was Point to My ROAD iD…

by Steven C. July 20, 2018

As an avid cyclist and outdoor life enthusiast, I have come across many urgent situations... but none like last Thursday. I was stung by a bee while riding my bike. I have a severe bee allergy, and recently purchased a Road iD to reflect that allergy -- thank goodness I did. To make a long story short, by the time I got to the hospital I had lost my vision, my hearing, and could not speak due to my airways closing. All I could do was point to my Road iD before losing consciousness.  The doctors and nurses saw Bee Allergy on my Road iD and knew right away I was having an anaphylactic reaction.

I made it, just in the nick of time -- with the help of my Road iD. As a seasoned medical professional in pre-hospital medicine, I tell all my friends they should have one. It works...it worked for me. I'm happy to be here today to write this. Thank you Road iD.