I Was Hit Head-On by a Truck

As an operating room nurse, I never thought it would happen to me, but it did. I was riding with two friends when I was hit head-on by a pick-up truck. My friends and the truck driver freaked out and were of little help. I will spare everyone the gory details of my injuries. When the paramedics arrived, I just held up my wrist so they could see my Road iD. My ID let them know that I have a blood clotting disorder, and for this reason, they took me to a level 2 Trauma center instead of the local county hospital.

I was able to receive the special treatment that I needed much faster, which helped save my life. You never think your friends need to know your medical history and contact numbers…you never think your cell phone will be destroyed and be useless. I hope all riders and others learn from my story and wear identification. I am lucky to be alive today.

I want to say thanks to you and your company. Peace!