His ROAD iD Provided All the Necessary Information

My brother was recently whacked by a car while out training. When I arrived at the hospital, I rushed to the nurses’ station to receive an update on how he was doing and to provide his personal information. The nurse simply smiled and told me that “the thing around his neck” had provided all the information they needed to know. When I was able to see my brother, I asked him what he was wearing around his neck, and he replied, "Don't be dumb, it's my Road iD, and I never take it off."

As a First Responder, I depend on people wearing some sort of ID when I respond. Of course, I hope to see a Road iD, but when it comes to my family, I am glad that we all wear a Road iD. I am very relieved to see that your ID will do its job.

Again, thank you for helping keep my family safe.