Everything can change in a heartbeat

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

Bicycle racing has been my solution to a midlife crisis.  Early last March I was returning from a late afternoon training ride and was feeling pretty good about myself.  I was two miles from home on a 4-lane divided highway riding in the emergency lane and approaching an intersection.  I noticed a truck pulling into the turning lane on the other side of the highway and made what I thought was eye contact with the driver.

Everything changed in a heartbeat.  The driver never saw me.  He hit the gas and pulled in front of me at the last second.  My left shoulder hit the rear quarter panel of his truck at 25 mph.  The result was a 3rd degree shoulder separation and a different attitude toward any intersection I would ever approach again.

In all of my 52 years, I'd never been in an emergency room when I'd been so fatigued and shaken and had to answer insurance and medical questions.  I never want that to happen again!  (Not to mention, my wife- who is an attorney and on the board of the hospital- was not very happy with me.)

I am happy to report that my recovery went well.  For this year's training season...I bought a Road ID.  And the Docs at the hospital are very impressed with your product!

- Michael .S from Dandridge, TN