My FireFly Supernova saved me from being run over!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I run in the country backwoods.  They are dusty, dirty, one car roads.  The hilly terrain might be fun for running, but I just learned they are also a hazard... I was running early in the morning and it wasn't quite light yet when I heard a vehicle coming up behind me.  I could tell that he was moving quickly and getting really close when all of a sudden he slowed down but continued until he passed me.

He pulled over and stopped which kind of made me nervous, but he stuck his hand out the window and motioned me to continue. When I got close he yelled good morning and then told me that my light attached to my visor saved me from getting run over at the top of the hill.

He said he saw the light flashing from a pretty good distance away and slowed down when he realized the lights were attached to a person.  It makes me wonder how many people see my Firefly lights first and then slow down to avoid me.  These little lights are clearly saving me; yet, they are so humble they don't even brag about it!

Besides wearing my FireFly lights for dark running, I am never without my Road ID, whether running alone, with my toddlers or out for a run with my friends.

- Fawn .S from Milano, TX