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Create, Edit, or View emergency data
"Road ID to the Rescue! "
Several months ago, my brother-in-law, John, sent me a gift certificate for a Road ID. I got the FIXX model and duly hung it around my neck when I rode my bike. I do some very long rides and get far from home. Early last Monday morning I crashed just a few miles from my house on a very familiar roa...   - David L. / Lancaster, PA  Continue Reading

the FIXX ID - $24.99

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Version Shown Above:
Build Your Road ID

The FIXX ID, named in honor of Jim Fixx, was the first style of Road ID that we offered. The front can be laser engraved with one of over 231 images (view images). The back gets laser engraved with your emergency contact information. It is similar to the popular military dog tag, but a heck of a lot nicer looking. This trusty old dog comes in High Polished Stainless Steel with a 27" stainless steel chain and is available in both Original and Interactive versions.

Size: One Size Fits All

Original or Interactive Version: $24.99
(with 27" stainless steel chain)

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Original Interactive?

Benefits of Emergency Response Support
  • Provide Comprehensive Emergency and Medical Information
  • Updateable and Secure
  • Live Operator and Secure Web Access
  • One Year Membership Included ($9.99 Value)
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Available in every Style of ID (except the Scout ID)
Allows you to personalize at least one line of text on your ID
Allows you to personalize every line of text on your ID  
Allows you to build a secure, online Emergency Response Profile (ERP) that supplies emergency information to first responders. Accessible 24/7/365 via telephone and internet.    
Fully updateable emergency profile (edit your info at any time).  
Membership Fee. One year of membership is included with your Interactive ID purchase. Additional membership only $9.99/year (less than 84 cents a month).  
Lifetime guarantee of laser engraved, surgical stainless steel ID tag  
Provides priceless peace of mind
May save your life
Sample Emergency Response Profile:

After you purchase an Interactive ID, YOU will go to to create your secure, online Emergency Reponse Profile. Your ERP will be available to First Responders when they go to or call 800-345-6335. Your ERP will consist of the following 8 categories of information. Note: You have complete control of your ERP. You can update it whenever you like and supply as much or as little of this information as deem appropriate. Below is a sample ERP:

Can I SEE a sample Emergency Response Profile (ERP)?
Absolutely! To see a sample ERP, simply go to In the First Responder section, key in Serial Number 12345678 and Pin Number 12345.
What happens if a First Responder dials the telephone number engraved on my Interactive ID?
The Road ID Emergency Response Center is staffed by live operators 24/7/365. In an emergency, a First Responder simply dials the number engraved on your Interactive ID to speak with one of our live operators. After the First Responder supplies the serial number and PIN engraved on your ID, the operator will provide the necessary information in your ERP.
What does it cost?
The initial cost of a Road ID Interactive is the same as a Road ID Original ($15.99 - $29.99). When you purchase Road ID Interactive, you are given 1 (one) FREE year of membership to the Emergency Response System (ERS). Each additional year is only $9.99! (less than 84 cents a month).
Who creates my Emergency Response Profile?
You create your own Emergency Response Profile. After purchasing an Interactive ID, you will go to to create your secure, online ERP. We do not, currently, offer a service to create or update your ERP for you. So, the Interactive ID is recommended to those that have access to the internet and are comfortable browsing the web.
How often can I change my Emergency Response Profile?
You can change your ERP as often as you want. There is no charge for updating your ERP. In fact, it is very important to keep you ERP accurate and up-to-date. Therefore, we encourage you to update it often.
Why is the unique Serial Number and Pin Number engraved on the BACK of the Interactive ID?
The serial number and pin number is the key to accessing your Emergency Response Profile. With these numbers, a person can gain access to your ERP and all the information that it contains. As a result, you want to protect these numbers and keep them out of plain view. This is why they are engraved on the back.
How secure is my Emergency Response Profile?
Great Question. At Road ID, we treat your security and privacy as seriously as our own. So, you can trust that we will do everything possible to protect the information that you supply in your ERP. We not only use the latest Secure Site technology, but we also adhere to a Privacy Policy that was written with YOU in mind, not US. We absolutely refuse to share your personal information with any unauthorized business, organization, or individual. Of course, however, the purpose of an Interactive ID is to provide the information supplied in your ERP to medical personnel, first responders, or any individuals who have access to the unique serial number and pin number combination engraved on the back of your Interactive ID. Accordingly, we urge you to protect the security of your Emergency Response Profile by safeguarding your Interactive ID and the serial number and pin number engraved on it. Only provide these numbers to persons or entities that have a legitimate need to access your Emergency Response Profile. We encourage you to protect your Interactive ID like you would protect your wallet.
How reliable is the Emergency Response System?
You have seen the Energizer Bunny commercials, right? Well, the Emergency Response System is the same - it keeps going and going and going. We have designed the system to be available 24 hours a day 365 days a year with zero downtime. The explanation on how we achieved this is going to get a bit technical - so hold on. The Emergency Response System was developed using redundant servers and data centers in geographically different locations (Herndon, VA; Dallas, TX; Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA). This enables our secure database and web servers to failover to operational servers in the event any one data center or server goes black. Although this event is highly unlikely, we protect against it to ensure that your ERP will be available at all times.
Can I have more than one Interactive ID access the same Emergency Response Profile?
Absolutely. If you wear different IDs for different activities (i.e. running and cycling), you can Activate both of those IDs to the same Emergency Response Profile. This way you don't have to create or modify different Emergency Response Profiles. Also, each time you purchase an Interactive ID, you get one FREE year of membership to the Emergency Response System. So, if you add a second Interactive ID to the same Emergency Response Profile, your membership will be extended for another full year.
Is the Interactive ID available in all styles and colors?
Yes. The Interactive ID is available in all 5 Road ID styles (the Wrist ID, the Shoe ID, the Ankle ID, the Shoe Pouch ID, and the FIXX ID) and all colors.
What if I lose my Interactive ID?
It is important to remember that the serial number and pin number that is engraved on the back of your Interactive ID is the key to accessing your Emergency Response Profile (ERP) and the information that it contains. As a result, if you ever lose your Interactive ID, you will need to report it lost immediately. Reporting it lost will disable your ERP so that unauthorized persons will not be able to view the information that it contains. You can report your ID lost online at or by phoning 800-345-6336 M-F, 9-6 ET.
Will my credit card be automatically charged for membership renewal?
No. After you receive your Interactive ID, you will register it online at During the Activation process, you will tell us how you want to be billed for membership renewals. You have the option to have us autobill a credit card, prepay for a fixed number of years, or simply have us remind you when your membership is about to expire.
Will the Interactive ID work Internationally?
Absolutely. A First Responder has two ways to access your profile from anywhere on the planet:
  1. Online at
  2. Via Telephone: The Road ID Emergency Response Center (ERC) is staffed with English speaking agents 24/7/365. The ERC can be reached by dialing several different country-specific phone numbers. We currently have phone numbers in London, Australia, Mexico, Amsterdam, New Zealand and the United States. When you order your Interactive ID, you get to select the phone number(s) that you want engraved on your ID.
Do I pay the yearly membership fee for each ID or for each Emergency Response Profile?
Good question. You only pay the yearly membership fee ($9.99) for each ERP (Emergency Response Profile). In other words, if you have 2 IDs Activated to the same ERP, you will only pay one $9.99 fee to renew the membership for both Interactive IDs. Also, remember that you get 1 FREE year of membership with each purchase of an Interactive ID. So, if you purchase two IDs for the same ERP, you will get 2 years of FREE membership to the Emergency Response System.

The FIXX ID is one size fits all. The Stainless Steel chain is a 27 inch (69 cm) ball chain. It can be easily shortened with a pair of wire snips or a sturdy pair of scissors.

Dimensions 1" X 2"
Weight Stainless (with chain):  0.5 ounce
Materials The stainless steel FIXX ID is Hand Polished, Laser Engraved, Surgical Quality Stainless Steel. Unlike our other IDs that have a satin finish, the FIXX ID has mirror finish.
Chain The Stainless Steel chain is a 27" ball chain. It can be easily shortened to any length below 27" with a pair of wire snips or a sturdy pair of scissors. To avoid choking hazards, the chain is designed to break under 20 lbs. of pressure.
Images Currently, we have 231 available images that you can engrave on the front of the FIXX IDClick here to see them.
Water Resistant All Road IDs are fresh and saltwater safe. We like to say they are "hydrophilic." If you paid attention in biology class, you'll remember that hydrophilic means "water lover."
the FIXX - named in honor of Jim Fixx

This Road ID was named "the FIXX" to honor and recognize Jim Fixx for his many contributions to the sport of running. Besides being the best selling running and fitness author of all time, Jim has been given credit for starting the Fitness and Running Boom of the early 80's. His best selling book, The Complete Book of Running, was followed by three others. At the time of his death, Jim was working on his fifth book -The Complete Book of Sports Performance.

Ironically, Jim Fixx died doing what he encouraged so many of us to do: RUN. On July 20, 1984, Jim was found unconscious on the side of the road - wearing only his jogging shorts. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead of a heart attack. Unfortunately, like most runners, joggers, cyclists, and walkers, Jim was not wearing identification when he had his accident. It wasn't until a day later that he was positively identified and his family contacted.

A statement from John Fixx

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with John Fixx - Jim's son. He had this to say: "Road ID is long overdue. In an emergency, runners, cyclists, rollerbladers and other outdoor enthusiasts should be able to count on accurate medical attention and the quick involvement of loved ones. Since my father collapsed beside the road almost 20 years ago, I have been looking for something like this for my friends, my children and me. Congratulations - and thank you - to the Wimmers for giving athletes and our families peace of mind."

How many front-side images are there?

Currently, we have 231 images. We are, however, always adding new ones. Click here to see them.

What if I'm ordering for someone else?

If ordering for someone else, simply build the ID with their information. Gift options are available during checkout. Don't know what to engrave on their ID? Gift Cards are a great option.

If ordering an Interactive Version, you may have questions about the Emergency Response System. We've answered these questions here.

Are they guaranteed?

Of course! All of our products come with a genuine satisfaction guarantee. In addition to this, the ID tag (the stainless steel part of the ID) has a lifetime guarantee. If you are tough enough to wear your Road ID out, then we will replace it at no charge. I challenge you to destroy them (through natural wear - gunshots and hand grenades don't count).

Always remember that wearing ID is important for everyone in your family that enjoys the great outdoors.

Will it bounce when I'm running?

Absolutely Not. Many people, especially runners, picture this thing bouncing all over the place. They can just see it slapping them in the face and then bouncing like a brick off their chest. But, it doesn't. I can't honestly explain why, but it just doesn't bounce. Many women runners just tuck the FIXX ID in their sports bra and forget about it.

Should I put the Medical Alert symbol on the front?

Not unless you really want to. Medical personnel (Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, etc.) are trained to look for ID. Whatever you have laser engraved on the front (be it the "medical alert" or the "two runners") they will find it. One of the coolest things about the FIXX ID is that you can put an image that defines you, what you like or affiliate with on the front side. Your medical condition is not who you are, it's something you have - put that info on the back.

Can I put more than one image on the front?

Sorry, but we currently can't do that. You see, each image is "digitized" to a specific size. Reducing an image, so as to laser engrave another one, just isn't that easy. To do that, we basically have to create an entirely new image, and it takes an artist at least an hour to create a new image.

What's up with the shape of the FIXX ID?

The shape (including the notch) is actually the same shape that was used for official military dog tags manufactured between 1941 and the early 1970's. We selected this shape for a number of reasons. First, the military dog tag is the most recognized form of identification in the world. Second, we look upon the dog tag with pride - as a symbol of those who served in the military and as a symbol of the freedoms we enjoy today in America.

$24.99   Build Your Road ID
Another Happy Customer
"I had a friend crash, and his Road ID helped paramedics contact with his wife. I am looking forward to the added sense of security!"
ADAM M. / Kitchener, ON

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