The Driver Didn't See Me!

I'm sure glad Road ID is out there. I have been run over on my bike twice in 13 years, not to mention the close calls that most cyclists deal with on almost every ride. I simply accept that if I want to ride in the area that I live in, statistically, I will be run over every couple of years. My last accident was the worst - A car hit me broadside at about 35 mph. The bulk of my body hit the door; my hand and handlebar went through the passenger side window. My face slammed into the windshield (breaking the windshield - thank God for helmets) as my body went over the vehicle, landing on the hood of the car and continuing off into the street before coming to a stop.

The impact left me stunned to say the least. I temporarily lost my vision as I sat on the side of the road. When paramedics arrived, I was in a frenzy. This accident made me painfully aware of the importance of wearing ID. The driver explained that he hit me because I just materialized 'Trekie style' and that I was definitely not there a second earlier. It probably had nothing to do with the fact that he was on the phone and rushing to turn into a store.I use to keep my personal information on a piece of paper in my seat bag. However, I have found out that police typically don't look there; they look for ID on your person. When I found out about Road ID, I thought 'Great, where do I sign up.'