The Supernova Saved My Life!

I am alive today because I was wearing the Supernova light.

I run at night on a desolate side road to a major interstate. My route is a simple out and back course and that means that for half of the route, I have my back to the traffic. Because of that, I decided to wear two Supernova's, one on the front of my shirt and one on the back. They are light weight enough to just clip to my running shirt collar, and the two provide "coming" and "going" safety lighting. One night, after reaching the halfway point, I didn't see a car in sight and I walked across the road to begin my return loop. I never saw any headlights or any car. But, the next thing I knew was that I heard the clicking of antilock brakes and the deep swerving sound of rubber against asphalt.

A large SUV swerved around me with less than 3 feet to spare! He had exited the interstate and was going at least 60 to 70 MPH. It was such a sharp maneuver for the SUV that it took a half mile or so for him to get it back under control. A telling point is that the driver never stopped to see how I was doing. Had they hit me, I'd have been left on the side of a fairly deserted road. Since the driver only had a sideways view of me, I firmly believe that the ONLY reason that I'm alive today is because I was wearing the Supernova lights. Thank you.