Thanks to My ROAD iD, the EMT Called My Husband

I am a member of the Impala Racing Team in San Francisco.  I recently ran the Kaiser Half Marathon race in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I collapsed at the 12 mile marker. Somehow I made my way to the medical tent and was able to tell them I didn't feel well, before I fell unconscious. I don't remember any of this. When I woke up in the ambulance on the way to the ER, my mind was so cloudy I couldn't compose a response to the paramedic's questions. Thanks to my Shoe ID, the paramedic was able to call my husband - who had been waiting at the finish line.  He was able to provide the EMTs with information they needed for treatment, and meet me at the ER.

  If I did not have the ID, who knows what could have happened? The paramedic was so impressed with my Road ID, he talked about getting one himself!  I now emphasize to everyone the importance of having ID - even for well-trained athletes like myself.

Update:  After 3 days in the hospital and extensive cardiac tests they gave me the good news that my heart is super healthy.  They think I had a vaso-vagal response which resulted in low oxygen to the brain.  I have fully recovered and I am back running again.