I Was Not Alone...My ROAD iD Was with Me!

Recently, I ordered the Wrist ID Elite (Interactive Version). I found it to be very comfortable, durable, and easy to wear in the pool, on my bike, when I run or just sitting around at my desk.  During the Disney Marathon, it proved invaluable.  With temperatures below freezing, I was having trouble with my breathing.  I assumed it was just my asthma acting up in the cold, so I used my inhaler and kept moving.  At mile 23, I could not breathe at all.  I was cramping in my chest and abdomen.  By the time the paramedics got to where I was on the course, I could not talk enough to explain my long list of medications and previous hospitalizations.  In the meantime, my kidneys were shutting down due to the lack of oxygen in my system.  So, I simply took off my Road ID and handed it to them.  It did all the talking for me.

I can't thank your company enough.  I've always worried about what would happen if I had a bad day alone, but I was not alone...my Road ID was with me.

Update:  After many steroids, countless breathing treatments, a list of new meds, new rules regarding running in cold/wet weather, and a 2 day hospital stay I am happy to report that I'm back...doing all the things I love to do.