Emts Got My Information Very Quickly!

Everything was going great until day 4 of Cycle Oregon last year...when I blew a tire on a 10% downhill grade.  I flew over the handlebars and sledded on the lava rock.  Eventually, I came to a stop at the side of the road.  I was black and blue from nose to knees, and had about a cup of sticks and stones embedded in my right knee cap.  To top if off, I had a torn rotator cuff. I was in a state of shock when several other riders pulled up beside me. Thankfully, a couple ambulances were stationed nearby, so help arrived quickly.

  My Road ID made it really easy for the EMTs to get basic information very quickly. My doctor's name, phone number and my blood type were right there for them. After 50 stitches, a 2 day hospital stay and some additional recuperation time at home, I am back riding again...as good as new.  I never go out now without my Road ID, and have recommended it to all my friends.  Thank you for a great product.