So thankful for her helmet and her Road ID...

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

My daughter was participating in a criterium race for her university cycling team when she was in a serious crash. I'm so thankful for her helmet (which is cracked) and her Road ID. She was quickly cared for by medics & taken to the hospital. She sustained a severely broken collar bone which required surgery, stitches on her head and wrist, and some nasty cuts, scrapes, and road burn.

I'm so thankful for her Road ID. Her team was there & she was able to speak to the medics but it made me realize that I'm so glad that she NEVER rides without her Road ID. I wish it was part of the standard equipment of every team member!! Through it all though, after the crash & visit to the ER, the only place she wanted to be was with her team!! She made me so proud of her and the entire team!!

This mom thanks you from the bottom of her heart for making such an awesome product and being such a great advocate for cyclists’ safety.

Thanks again for your continued support for all athletes.

- Karen .L from Lancaster, SC