I was dragged 40 feet and pinned under a truck...

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

I was involved in an accident while riding my bike. I was run over, dragged 40 feet and pinned under a truck. My injuries were very severe and I was not expected to live. When the people that came to my aid asked me my name I lifted my right hand that had my Road ID bracelet on it. My first contact was called and he was able to contact other people before I even made it to the hospital. 

Through my 4 month hospital stay and in rehab I continued to tell people to get Road ID. I even harassed a few of the nurses and doctors to get one and then prove it by showing me when they received it.

I believe that having that bracelet on saved my life in a way. The first responders knew where to take me and that I had no allergies by being able to talk to someone who knew me.

Thank you for all your company does.

- Kristen .H from Carmichael, CA