She was wearing a pink Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 19, 2021

When the half-marathon started at 6AM on the beach in northern Florida, I knew it was going to be a tough run due to the weather... it was hot and very humid.  As a medical student at the University of Alabama, I know the importance of staying hydrated during a long run.  Every mile, I took in water, hoping others were doing the same. 

Late in the race I saw a woman running in front of me collapse.   When I ran up to her, I noticed she was wearing a pink Road ID.   When an ambulance arrived, I told the EMTs that she was extremely dehydrated and everything they needed to know was on her interactive Road ID. 

Because she was wearing a Road ID, I had a great sense of relief knowing that this woman's family was immediately contacted, and all her medical information was identified, prior to her admittance to the hospital.   As a future medical professional, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to wear ID all time.

- David .L from Mobile, AL