ROAD iD Saved My Life!

Two weeks after completing the Tupper Lake Half Ironman, I was relearning the pleasure of biking for fun - instead of pounding out mileage for the purpose of training. On a beautiful, sunny Tuesday morning, I headed out for a ride with my friend Mary. We were 10 miles into our ride when a truck, pulling a long trailer, was closing in on us from behind. The driver pulled out into the oncoming lane in an effort to pass us and then suddenly cut back into the lane. When he did this, the trailer clipped my bike and set me soaring tin the air. I flipped at least once in the air and then slammed into a telephone pole before landing, head first, on the pavement. My friend frantically called 911 and I was taken, via helicopter, to the Pen trauma center. The Paramedics and Mary were able to contact my husband due to the fact that I was wearing (as I always do) my Road ID.

Since I was wearing my Road ID, my husband arrived at the hospital in time to make strategic trauma decisions so that the team of doctors could save my life. I was in a coma for 2 weeks, CCU for 2 more weeks and in hospitalized rehabilitation for 3 months. I’m proud to say that I have started training again and have just completed the Runners World Half Marathon. I thank God for my Road ID.