Thank Goodness for My ROAD iD!

I have been an active road cyclist for the past four years and wear a Road ID on my cycling shoe. On October 15, I decided to take a late afternoon short ride since it was finally under 95 degrees here in Phoenix, AZ. About 13 miles into my ride I blacked-out and had a spectacular crash. My helmet (though destroyed) thankfully protected my head, but I broke my left collar bone and three ribs, and of course some serious road rash. Because I was motionless, and did not respond to the bystanders that came to my aid, the accident was called in as a cyclist fatality.

Thank goodness for my ROAD ID. The police were able to determine who I was and call my wife who informed them of my recent bypass surgery. I spent the next four days in the ICU. Without my ROAD ID the outcome could have been a lot different, and I wouldn't have been alive to send you this report! Every cyclist should have two items when they ride - ROAD ID and a good helmet!