Emergency Room Spotted My ROAD iD

I was on my bike when I was hit by a ‘hit and run’ driver.  My injuries were serious and I was air lifted to the nearest hospital.  I had many forms of identification with me (driver’s license, cell phone, etc.), but they were all ignored by the hospital.  It was my Road ID that prompted the Emergency Room Nurse to call my husband. She immediately called my husband and told him where I was and to get there as quickly as possible.  When he arrived the nurse told him how great my Road ID was and that she will be getting a Road ID for everyone she knows.

I am a personal trainer and triathlete. I plan on getting the message out, anyway I can, about the importance of wearing a Road ID.  I still do not know who hit me that day, but I do know that I will never be without my Road ID.  In time my injuries will heal and I will be back on the roads again.  Thank you Road ID.