ROAD iD Helped Me in Many Ways

Many years ago I was deeply involved in marathon races, triathlons and ocean free diving. I was a huge fan of Jim Fixx. After reading his book I had purchased my first runners log. I have had the occasion to need to use my RoadID anklet.

First time was a mountain biking accident where I had run off the trail and crashed. Many people showed up to render assistance and call 911. I was pretty banged up, cuts, lacerations and a head wound. (I was wearing a helmet. These good people helped to stabilize me and stop the bleeding. My RoadID enabled them to be able to contact my wife and to pass on medical information to the Paramedics.

The second time was when I was free diving, alone off the Big Island Hawaii. I was about 100 yards from shore when I spotted three black-tipped sharks. As I was making my way out onto the pier, I was hit with a huge breaker wave that slammed me into the rocks, lacerating my left leg, and knocking me woozy. Again, some great people helped up and out of the water, controlled the bleeding, stayed with me, and using the RoadID to make contacts.

I now have the dog tag, wrist band and an updated RoadID anklet.

To be honest, I don’t remember much about these accidents. I do remember swimming fast and furious when confronted by those sharks. The RoadID helped me in many ways. But I’d like to also mention that it was the goodwill of caring strangers that made a great difference. I follow the advice of the mantra ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ (R.A.K.).

Thank you good folks at the RoadID company and manufacturers.

- James M.