A Few Heroes Came to His Rescue

Hi there,

Like many stories you have posted on your site, you just never know when you go out for a run or bike if this bracelet will be so vitally important in an emergency.

My husband was out for a run and had paused at a busy intersection to cross at a light when his blood pressure just dropped out of nowhere and he passed out. He fell back and hit his head on the sidewalk.

A few heros came to his rescue and were able to immediately not only call 911 but also call me because he was wearing his roadID. He didn't know who he was or even who I was when I arrived and of course you always think traumatic brain injuries and what if….

I was able to get to him quickly and without the ID who knows when they would of known who he was and be able to contact me!

We are thankful that it was just a severe concussion (and many many staples).
He has fully recovered (minus a rad scar)

We told everyone we know who runs or bikes that they are CRAZY not to purchase one of these bands and never leave home to workout without it.

Words could never really express my gratitude. Just felt like you guys should know.

- April L.