How Did They Know to Call Me? Not His Cellphone...

I purchased a wrist band for my husband awhile back. He rides bike every day and I just wanted to be careful.

On Sept 27, 2021 I received a phone call I shall never forget. It was my local hospital telling me that my husband was there. He was in a bad bicycle accident. He was found in the middle of the road by a vehicle driving by.

When I arrived at the hospital he was on a ventilator and they didn’t know if he’d make it. He had a traumatic brain injury and needed to have plates placed for his rib cage. They gave me his belongings and I just gasped. How did they know to call me? Not his cellphone. That was still in the pouch on his bicycle. It was his ROAD iD wrist bracelet. It’s a long road back for him, but I wanted to just say THANK YOU! Had it not been for his bracelet idk how they would have found me for him.

-  Lori M.