Some Good Samaritans Stopped and Called 911

I wanted to reach out and tell you after many many years of wearing a Road ID daily it finally came to use.. On April 16th after my long Saturday AM bike ride (a beautiful 65 miles) I came home and decided it was so nice I would ride my One Wheel around. Having a great time floating around, I am unsure what happened but in a second I found myself layed out in the road. No wallet, No ID, No anything and unfortunately I didn't even have a helmet on.

I was in no shape to get up at my advanced age, but some good samaritans stopped and called 911. The paramedics found my info on my road ID and contacted my wife as well as being able to gather my insurance information etc. Long story short.. I moved my shoulder about two inches from where it should be, and had a gash in my head.

Result - after a 4 hour surgery to put in a plate to hold the 6 pieces of bone that used to be my clavicle and 14 pins.. as well as staples in the head - I am healing but will be out most of the summer.

I appreciate your product and was glad I had it on - I wear it so much (every day) I forgot I even had it on. proved helpful in my ignorance..

Anyway thanks.. and keep your shoulder out of a high speed impact with pavement - at least at 49 it does not end well.. Here's to August when I get cleared to ride my bike again.