Proper ID saves precious time!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

As a police officer and runner, there is an inherent risk involved with going to work, and doing my morning run. I had been looking for a convenient way to advise medical personnel of my vital information. Road ID has given me that opportunity. I don't generally relax at work, but there is onething I can rest easy about - should anything ever happen to me on the job or while running, I will get proper medical treatment. Wearing ID gives vital information can save precious minutes. I chose to include not only important contact numbers, but also my blood type, allergies and which trauma center I would prefer to be taken to.

Not only is my Road ID helpful at work, but also serves as my only form of ID when I run. Should the situation arise where I would need medical attention, all of my information will be immediately visible. Be safe out there and keep ID with you at all times.

- PFC Geoffrey .S from Baltimore, MD