My accident was my wakeup call!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I was riding with two friends on the same mountain roads that the Tour de Georgia uses. After crossing over one of the mountaintops, I was in the lead on the decent when I entered an unmarked, very sharp, left-hand curve at high speed. I wasn't able to slow enough in the curve. My front wheel dropped off the road and I flew over the handlebars. I struck the guardrail helmet first and lost consciousness for quite a while. Even after I started to regain consciousness, I was apparently incoherent for some time. I did not have any ID on me at the time. Had I not had friends with me at the time (thank you, John and Garrett), I very likely would have gone into the emergency room as a John Doe. I was very lucky that my friend John knew my wife's phone. If not for that, it might have been a long time before she heard anything about my accident. And, since I was out of town, she wouldn't have had any idea where to start looking.

My injuries that day included a fractured clavicle, a super-orbital fracture over my right eye, a nasty cut on my forehead that received 17 stitches, and numerous scrapes and bruises. I am lucky that the only lasting signs of my accident are the scar on my forehead and on my shoulder where I had to have a plate put on my clavicle.

I often ride near home by myself. Now, I wouldn't think of riding without my Road ID. Road ID is just the ticket.

- George .C from Knoxville, TN