ID is vital!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

As a medic or EMT for over 25 years, I have encountered situations where I responded to calls to unresponsive persons and found them virtually unidentifiable. Now, I find myself pondering the real potential of being a patient, rather than a responder.

I have become a serious runner only recently, inspired by a fellow co-worker's successful quest for a marathon. Now, my own training toward my first marathon falls squarely in mid-life, at a time where my mortality is not so much of a guarantee as I may have thought decades ago.

From my perspective, Road ID is vital. I wear one, as does my wife and my running co-worker. From experience, I know that while our local emergency department will certainly treat an unknown, their computer system is totally unable to bring forward any type of medical history without identifying data. For those with allergies or significant medical conditions, the medical history may, in fact, be life saving. Thanks for providing this great service.

- Jeffrey .S from Jericho, VT