I was hit by a pickup!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I never gave much thought about the need for identification when running, as I like to run as light as possible. That is until I was introduced to Road ID as race director for both the Redding Marathon and Burney Classic Marathon. Later, I decided to order one for myself. I'm so thankful that Idid.

Not long after I received my Road ID, I was hit by small pickup while on a late afternoon run. I bounced off the hood, was thrown into a telephone pole and rolled a couple of times on the sidewalk. A young lady from a nearby house came running across the intersection to see if I was Ok. The driver took off. The young lady got the license plate number and then told me I needed help. I was in severe pain and needed medical attention immediately.

She took my Road ID, from around my neck, and called my wife who was home cooking dinner. I was then taken to the ER for treatment. I am happy to report that I am back running again. I consider myself very lucky. I wear my Road ID all the time. I also encourage other runners to take ID seriously and I distribute Road ID flyers at all my race events. Thank you.

- Don .J from Redding, CA