I wish I Had Been Wearing ID

As a runner, I knew about Road ID, and had intended to get one for myself. Unfortunately, I never got around to it, and now I wish I had.  I was recently struck by a car while running.  It took me 3 long, agonizing hours to become coherent.  Even then, I couldn’t remember any phone numbers or any important information for the medical responders. Eventually, all I could come up with was my mother's phone number...on the West Coast.

If I had been wearing an ID at the time of this accident, it would have made things so much easier for me, the first responders, and the doctors that treated me. I’m getting one now...better late than never...with hopes that I’ll never have to use it. Based on my experience, I really believe everyone should have a Road ID.

Update: I really do love my Road ID.  It makes me feel so much safer when I am out and about.  And the thing goes EVERYWHERE with me now!  If I am walking to the grocery store, it comes with.  Thanks again!  (By the way, that is me on the left in the photo.)