I was struck by a car that didn't see me turning

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I've been wearing a Road ID since 2011 when I first began road running. I wear my Road ID almost every day - even when I'm not training. Three weeks ago, I was out riding my bike, doing my last long ride before tapering for my big "A-race" - Age Group National Championships for USA Triathlon. When making a legal U-turn, I was struck by a car that didn't see me turning. The crash sent me flying into the ditch, launching me from my bike  and shattering my pelvis, dislocating my left hip and fracturing both sides of my sacrum, my sternum, two ribs and my shoulder.

When the EMTs arrived to the scene, they found my Road ID and were able to use it to call my father and brother. I tell all my friends they should never leave the house without their Road ID, or if they are going cycling, the Road ID and a helmet.

- Cheyenne .M from Houston, TX