I was not able to communicate at all...

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

Road ID gave first reponders all the information they needed recently when I had four Grand Mal Seizures while at work. Fortunately I was not out on a training run and my coworkers knew what to do. I remember the EMTs snapping my wrist ID back on my arm as I was being transported to the hospital.

I was not able to communicate at all, and was unconscious for a several hours.The coworkers and volunteer ambulance crew were able to use my ID for a lot of basic medical information, and to call my family members so when I finally arrived at the Emergency Room, my husband was already there and waiting for me! They gave me a medication and I got better. The hospital kept me there for one night, and let me go home the next day.  

I'm feeling much better now, and I was able to resume running a few days later, except now I also am using the Road-ID app, as well, in addition to my bracelet! ...of course I hope it will only give my family peace of mind, and never actually need to be used! 

Hands down, I love Road-ID! 

- Anne .N from Meriden, NH