I Was Passing in and out of Consciousness

I've never been a particularly 'safety conscious' person. However, after a few close calls with Sydney drivers, I knew I needed to carry some form of ID and contact information...just in case. I happily discovered Road iD, and once I ordered my Wrist ID I never left the house without it. It proved to be a wise investment one beautiful sunny evening. I was out on an average training ride when things quickly turned sour. I clearly remember the rapid approach of a car's window...followed by the rest of the car! The next thing I remember is lying on the road, looking at my arm and thinking "Well, that doesn't look good".

I was passing in and out of consciousness when some strangers stopped to assist me. They kept asking who to call, and I managed to point to my Road iD before passing out again. My girlfriend and my Mum's phone numbers were right there. Thanks to my Road iD and the wonderful people who stopped to help, my girlfriend was immediately informed about my accident, and knew where the ambulance had taken me.The upshot was a fractured wrist, an open relocation of my elbow, and lots of road rash. Thankfully I'm now back on my bike, and I've come to realize just how important my Road iD is. Everyone, no matter what sport they participate in, should have one. Thanks for a great product!