ROAD iD Gave Me Peace During a Challenging Time

We live out in the country and do a lot of walking and biking on a country road near us. It is pretty isolated and it has always made my husband really nervous when I’m out on my own. When a friend referred me to your site, I checked it out and immediately bought myself a Road iD. It has since given my husband and me peace of mind when I am out by myself. In addition to wearing the bracelet for exercise purposes, I decided to buy a Stretch ID to wear 24/7.

Four years ago, I was hospitalized with having extremely low potassium. It has been a rough four years with lots of ups and downs, but having my Road iD on all the time eases my fears in the event that something should happen while I’m out in public.  I truly love your company, your mission, and all the products you sell. I am sure you have saved many lives with your brilliant ideas! Peace of mind is hard to come by when you are faced with a medical issue, and wearing something as simple as a Road iD gave me peace while out in public during a challenging time in my life.

I have since bought a Road iD for everyone on both sides of the family! Some have medical issues and others are always enjoying nature in one form or another. Everyone has had the same reaction I did: “What a great idea!” I will keep spreading the word. Thanks again for everything.