EMTs Saw My ROAD iD and Followed the Instructions!

I was talked into getting a Road iD by a friend a few years back, since I often did training rides alone. Turns out it was a good decision on my part to take their advice. Recently, I was out training with a friend doing sprint intervals, and from out of nowhere (they always say that, but in this case it was true) a dog emerges at a fast pace from an open gate and dashes right in that little seam that comprises the space between the rear wheel on my training partners bike and my front wheel. My next memory is an ambulance backing into the emergency room receiving dock 20 miles away. At this point I'm wondering: how did I get strapped to this back board, and where the heck am I?

I soon found out, I was at my preferred hospital! Lucky for me the EMT crew had already noticed my Road iD and took full heed to my instructions. I clearly stated on my Wrist ID that I did not want to be transported to a specific hospital, but rather to one that was better equipped to handle cyclists. I'm so thankful to the Medical Staff, and to Road iD for providing me with what I now consider essential riding gear.

Update: Thankfully I fully recovered and got right back on the bike. As a USAC Cycling Coach, an Official for major bike races, a member of the Southeastern Technical Commission for USA Cycling, along with my involvement in the LAF Livestrong Challenge, I see firsthand, the many times a person's Road iD is working just as they are designed to do. Great job guys!