I was knocked unconscious...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

About three weeks ago I was involved in a terrible bicycling crash. Winding down from a 35 mph sprint, I took a turn at the end of a street. To my surprise, the street I turned into was significantly narrower than the street I turned off of and even with an effort to correct my line, I apparently veered into a curb and face-planted at high speed. I use the term "apparently" because I have no recollection of theinitial impact or cause for other injuries suffered. I was knocked unconscious and suffered a minor traumatic brain injury in addition to broken bones and nerve damage. Luckily someone witnessed the crash, summoned help, and tended to me. I was transferred by ambulance to an Emergency Room while slipping in between states of consciousness. One thing I vividly remember, while being tended to on the ground, was the blurry sight of a police officer with my Road ID in his hand. He told me he was calling my wife and coordinating her arrival at the hospital.

In the time since the accident, while I’ve been recovering, I’ve learned that the helmet and sunglasses I was wearing helped mitigate more severe injuries. Because of my Road ID first responders were able to effectively determine my identity and communicate with my family members. In addition to my wife being notified, my parents were also called. Knowing my identity, police were also able to contact my teenage son at home, alert him to the accident, coordinate the return of my bike, and check on his well-being.

I wanted to express my appreciation and deepest gratitude for your Road ID.

- Dave .R from Plymouth, MN