My husband was at the hospital in minutes...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I have multiple Road IDs, which I wear on my running shoes and so far have not needed to use them. When I purchased a new phone in the spring, I downloaded the Road ID app. I do triathlons in addition to running and have found the app eases my husband's mind when I'm out on the roads.

Two weeks ago, I set the app and wentfor a 20 mile ride. I was going to meet my husband afterwards, so he was checking my progress when he noticed I had stopped on a drawbridge about a mile away from our meeting place. He noticed that the line indicating my path moved from the road to the sidewalk, and got in his car to find me. I had crashed my bike on the bridge and was being taken away in an ambulance. An emergency worker had moved my bike off the bridge to attend to me, which is what my husband saw on the eCrumb map. Luckily a bystander had called 911 and I was being taken care of. My husband got to the bridge and was directed to the hospital by a police officer, and he was able to be by my side within minutes of my arrival to the hospital.
I was unconscious for a bit, and concussed, on top of being bruised and broken in places, but am now on the mend. The Road ID app will always be on while I ride in the future.

I guarantee you got a few downloads from the ER staff that day, they were all stunned that my husband was able to get there so quickly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this service. I'm a Road ID fan for life!

- Laurene .J from Charleston, WV