I received a call from a nurse at a local hospital

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

All of my cycling friends wear a road ID. It was only two or three weeks before her attack that I had ordered one for my mom one. Thank goodness. On the morning of July 15th I received a call at work from a nurse at a local hospital who told me my eighty-five year old mom had just been transported there by ambulance after being attacked by a pit bull.  The short story is she was on a walk to the bankwhen the dog jumped on her, knocked her down, and bit through the muscle and tendons of her arm. She's a Juilliard-Schooled pianist. Getting that arm to function normally again, not to mention the dexterity needed for playing will be a long haul.

When I was standing at her side in the emergency room and prepping her for surgery, out came the scissors to cut off the bandages with which the paramedics had dressed her wound. They asked about "her bracelet" and I held out my hand for it. She will be needing that again.

- Alexadra .R from Atascadero, CA