I Never Take off My ROAD iD!

Earlier this year, I was out trail running with my friend and I suffered from a pulmonary embolism. Four blood clots were found - one in the lung - I suffered severe kidney and oxygen failure. I was rescued by five local EMT crews and flown to hospital via helicopter, where I was unconscious for approximately 40 minutes before being resuscitated in the ER. I have been a proud Road iD wearer since 2007… and NEVER take off my bracelet. I was wearing it that afternoon during my run which paramedics saw and used to provide assistance for my recovery.

I am thankful for Road iD and for my friend showing paramedics I had it. I am a firm believer and patron and I cannot THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!!! I wear it every day, ALL DAY, in case of unexpected emergencies such as this. Thank you all!!