I Was Left Lying in the Middle of the Road

Long story short, I was out for a Friday ride, when a truck blew through a stop sign, throwing me in the air and destroying my newly built up Cannondale CAAD9 road bike. The driver didn't even stop to check on me. He fled the scene leaving me in the middle of the road. Luckily a passer by came to the scene, and called 911. As I lay there in shock, the medics were able to get all my emergency contact information from my Road iD. I'm so thankful to Road iD and to the stranger who stopped to help. After going through a traumatic event such as that, I will never ride without my Road iD strapped to my ankle.

Update: I'm very lucky to have survived with minimal injuries. My bike on the other hand, didn't make it (bent frame, destroyed front wheel, snapped carbon forks, headset, cracked handlebars, bent front brake, etc...). While I am happy to be alive, it's frustrating that the carelessness of one person can destroy one's goals of finishing any more triathlons this year.