I hit a deer going 40 MPH!

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I want to pass on a thank you to Road ID. I ride in the hills of Brown County, Indiana, and two weeks ago I went for my first ride of the year. I was nearly done, going down a steep hill (nearly 40 mph!), when I noticed 2 deer crossing the road in front of me. I easily swerved around them only to hit a 3rd deerbroadside (the biggest of the 3). The impact flipped me over the deer and spun me around. I landed on my left back and side and slid for quite a distance on the pavement and into the grass.

Luckily, a car was right behind me and witnessed the entire incident. The driver was immediately beside me and asked if he could contact anyone other than 911. I simply held up my wrist to show him my Road ID. He called my wife, and I was actually able to talk to her before I left the scene of the accident.I suffered a deflated lung, separated shoulder, broken ribs, a hematoma of the scalp, and massive road rash.

But, thanks to my Road ID, my wife and daughter were alerted of my accident and were able to meet me at the hospital. I have recommended Road ID to all of my friends.

- Robert .H from Nineveh, IN